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    Why Only Mentors Eduserv

    Why Only Mentors Eduserv

    Mentors Eduserv strength lies in its unmatched quality of teaching methodologies and a team of renowned Faculty members of National repute. The Faculty team led by Mr. Anand Jaiswal himself comprises of experienced best brains brought together from various educational hubs of the Country like Kota, Delhi and Hyderabad. This Faculty team has experience in producing great results over the years in IIT JEE (now JEE ADVANCED), AIEEE (now JEE MAIN), AIIMS, AIPMT, STATE PMT and other Competitive and Scholarship Examinations at State and National level like NTSE, KVPY, OLYMPIAD. Their mentoring has facilitated several students to secure top All India Rank and State Rank


    We have designed the Course wherein the initial phase aims at strengthening the basics and fundamental concepts of the subject. Thereafter, teaching of higher level concepts that strengthens the analytical ability, concept interpretation skills and problem solving skills of the students. The entire Course plan for the session [Syllabus division, Sequencing of topics, Test-dates and Result preparation dates] are done in advance. The Course is comprehensively designed in a way that a Student gets equipped to perform well in BOARDS, Competitive and Scholarship Examinations at State and National level.


    Mentors Eduserv provides a doubt clearing facility to the students from (11:00 AM to 6:30 PM) for six days a week. Our executive remains available throughout to monitor the students and keep a daily record of the students coming for SDCC. We also take a daily feedback from the students in a prescribed format whether all their doubts have been cleared or not.


    A well-researched and Exhaustive Study Material has been prepared by our esteemed team of Faculty members. Our Study Materials are pattern proof Courseware.


    (a) Exhaustive Theory (Concept Boosters)

          The theory comprises of all the basic and fundamental concepts topic-wise followed by a illustrations and solved examples.

    (b) Daily Practice Problem (DPP)

          It is a set of questions incorporated within each topic in the study material. It provides a strong  foundation to understand the concepts and must be solved and  revised regularly.

    (c) Multiple Exercises

          (i) For Engineering Stream

              The Study Material has separate section of exercises for JEE MAIN, JEE ADVANCED, previous year’s questions asked in JEE MAIN/ JEE ADVANCED, Subjective questions, KVPY and OLYMPIAD section.

          (ii) For Medical Stream

                The Study Material has separate section of exercises for AIIMS, AIPMT, previous year’s questions asked in AIIMS, AIPMT & STATE PMT.

          (iii) For Foundation Stream

                 The Study Material has separate section of exercises like Concept Based Exercise (CBE), Practice Based Exercise (PBE), NCERT section, Cumulative Corner, IIT-JEE Corner, AIIMS-AIPMT Corner.


          (i) MERIP for JEE

              Two Separate Sets of MERIP namely MERIP(M) based on JEE-MAIN  pattern and MERIP (A) based on JEE-ADVANCED pattern with each set consisting of 600 questions in each Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, a total of 3600 questions shall be provided.

          (ii) MERIP for PMT

                Two separates sets MERIP based on AIPMT & AIIMS consisting of total 3600 Questions of Physics, Chemistry and Biology shall be provided.

          (iii) Exclusive Study Package  for NTSE  

              With an aim to provide students with a wonderful academic tool to polish up their NTSE 2015-16 preparations that helps them to become NTSE Scholar, we provide NTSE Study material form.  The study material includes 6 books in total: Mental Ability (MAT) Vol-1 & Vol-2,  Maths & Science (SAT ) Vol-1 & Vol-2 , Social Studies & English (SAT ) Vol-1 & Vol-2.

          (iv) Exclusive Study Package for KVPY 

              To ensure that students have an extra edge in KVPY exam, we have come out with an Exclusive KVPY study package. It contains chapter wise questions of last 5 years questions with answer key for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. It also contains two sample papers based on KVPY pattern for each subject along with answer key.


    (a)  PROGRESS TEST:  It is a progressive test conducted on the JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED pattern for Engineering Stream, AIPMT and AIIMS pattern for Medical Stream and NTSE pattern for Foundation Stream. These tests will be conducted alternately after every 2-3 weeks. The syllabus for every progress test will include 70% of course from the current topic and 30% of course from the previously completed topics. This helps a student remain focused not only in the current topics but also constantly carry out revision of the previous completed topics.
    (b) PHASE TEST: After about every three months of the classroom training, a phase test is conducted on the completed topics of the course. The pattern of the phase tests will be similar to the JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED pattern for Engineering stream, AIPMT and AIIMS pattern for Medical Stream and NTSE and School Summative Assessment (SA) pattern for Foundation Stream students.


    The new JEE Pattern involves 40% weightage of the 12th Board Marks and 60% weightage of JEE MAIN Score for NIT’s/ IIITs & other Centrally and State funded institutions. For IITs a student has to be in top 20% of his/her respective Board or should have scored 75% of aggregate marks. For Medical and Foundation Streams, a good performance in Boards Exams is also important and cannot be ignored. Hence, realizing the importance of Boards marks we emphasize upon the Board Curriculum also.
    (a)  Study Material for BOARDS : A special Study Package for Boards is also provided which contains previous 10 Year’s Board Exams Paper with solutions.
    (b)  Classes for English and 5th Subject as per BOARD Curriculum : We also provide the 12th studying students additional classes of English & Physical Education after the completion of syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology.
    (c)  BOARD Pattern Subjective Tests : We conduct Board Pattern tests periodically for the 12th appearing students and School Summative Assessment (SA) Pattern tests for class IX and X students. This helps a student to give a good performance in the School Exams & Board Exams.



    Based on the student’s performance in previous progress tests and phase tests, the reshuffling of the batches is done. The idea of reshuffling and restructuring is to mentor the students according to their calibre and potential. This doesn’t mean that we give privilege to the top performers only. Our aim is to teach the students as per their level of knowledge and support them in gradual uplift of their potential and performance. After restructuring of batches, students can opt for a higher level batch if they have a good performance in the regular tests.


    After your admission, you become a part of the Mentors Eduserv family. We are always available to understand your needs and take care of it. For this, we run the Help Session for 5 days a week. This is a good platform where the students and their parents can report their needs during the course of study and get a solution for it.


    Motivation is a continuous process which is done by our teachers in their classes. This is one of the reasons why we get good results from each and every batch. In addition to this, we also conduct exclusive motivational workshops. These workshops will be conducted by the renowned experts of national repute and some of the previous year’s top rankers of JEE MAIN, JEE ADVANCED, AIIMS, AIPMT, STATE PMT examinations. These Workshops features Confidence Build-up, Time Management, Error Minimization Techniques, Improving Analytical Ability, Exam Temperament, Stress Management etc.


    The result of the test is being sent to the students through sms within a week from the date of test. In addition, we provide a detailed performance analysis report of each test to the students. This analysis report can be seen by students by logging to our website using a unique user ID and password provided by us. This report is a 5-6 pages micro-level researched analysis of the Student’s performance in the test.