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    TEST Date :- 10-12-2017  
    1. PT-VIII (Main) GZR-1901(A), GZRS-1901, GZR-1901-1907 & GZRK-1901-1902_10.12.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    2. PT-VIII (Main) GZRA _10.12.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    3. WT-2 (Adv) GZRS-1902_10.12.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    4. WT-B (Adv) RBA & RBS-1801_10.12.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    TEST Date :- 03-12-2017 and 04-12-2017  
    1. PT-V (Adv) GZRM-1903-1904, GZR-1910-1912, GZRK-1903-1904 & GZBS-1902-1903_03.12.2017 Click Here
    2. PT-VI (Main) RBA_04.12.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    3. PT-VI (Main) RBPA, RB-1806-1809 & RBK-1804_04.12.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    4. WT-1 (Main) GZRS-1902_03.12.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    5. WT-13 (Adv) GZRA-1901, GZR-1901(A) & GZRS-1901_03.12.2017 [Solution] Click Here
    6_PROGRESS TEST-VI_03-12-2017_SOLUTION SITE PR MGZ-1,2,3 Click Here
    7_PROGRESS TEST-VI__03-12-2017_SOLUTION SITE PR MGZRA-1901 Click Here
    8_PROGRESS TEST-VI_03-12-2017_SOLUTION SITE PR MGZK-1,2 Click Here
    TEST Date :- 25-11-2017 and 26-11-2017  
    1. PHASE TEST-I (Adv) RB-1813-1815, RBK-1806 & RBS-1803-1804_26.11.2017 Click Here
    2. PHASE TEST-I (Main) RB-1813-1815, RBK-1806 & RBS-1803-1804_26.11.2017 Click Here
    3. PHASE TEST-II (Main) GZRM-1901-1902, GZR-1908-1909_25.11.2017 Click Here
    4. PT-III (Main) GZ-1926, GZK-1909 & GZBS-1904-1905_25.11.2017 Click Here
    5. PT-III (Main) GZRS-1902, GZR-1913-1917 & GZRK-1905-1906_25.11.2017 Click Here
    6. PT-IV (Adv) RB-1810-1812 & RBK-1805_25.11.2017 Click Here
    7. PT-VI (Adv) RB-1801-1805, RBK-1801-1803_25.11.2017 Click Here
    8. PT-VI (Adv) RBS-1801-1802_25.11.2017 Click Here
    9. WT-A (Adv) RBA & RBPA_25.11.2017 Click Here
    TEST Date :- 19-11-2017  
    1. PHASE TEST-II (Adv) GZR-1901-1907, GZRK-1901-1902 & GZBS-1901_19.11.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    2. PHASE TEST-II (Adv) GZRA-1901, GZR-1901(A), GZRS-1901_19.11.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    TEST Date :- 11-11-2017  
    1.PT-IV (Main) GZRM-1903-1904, GZRK-1903-1904 & GZBS-1902-1903_11.11.17 Click Here
    2. PT-V (ADV) RB-1806-1809 & RBK-1804_11.11.2017 Click Here
    3. PT-V (ADV) RBA_11.11.2017 Click Here
    4. PT-VI (ADV) CD-1802_11.11.2017 Click Here
    5. PT-VII (Main) CD-1801(A), CD-1801(B), CDK-1801 & CDS-1801_11.11.2017 Click Here
    6. WT-6 (Adv) RBPA_11.11.2017 Click Here
    TEST Date :- 04-11-2017 and 05-11-2017  
    1__PHASE TEST-1__04-11-2017__SOLUTION_MGZ-4,5 NEET Click Here
    2__PHASE TEST-1__04-11-2017__SOLUTION_ MGZK-3,4 NEET Click Here
    2__PROGRESS TEST-3__05-11-2017__SOLUTION_MRB-4,5 MRBK-1,2,3 Click Here
    2__PROGRESS TEST-3__05-11-2017__SOLUTION_ MRBA (G,B) Click Here
    2__PROGRESS TEST-3__05-11-2017__SOLUTION_MRBPA Click Here
    3__PHASE TEST-1__04-11-2017__SOLUTION_MGZS-1,2,3 NEET Click Here
    4__PHASE TEST-1__04-11-2017__SOLUTION_MGZ-4,5 AIIMS Click Here
    5__PHASE TEST-1__04-11-2017__SOLUTION_MGZK-3,4 AIIMS Click Here
    6__PHASE TEST-1__04-11-2017__SOLUTION_MGZS-1,2,3 AIIMS Click Here
    7_PT-II (Adv) GZ-1926 & GZK-1909_04.11.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    8_PT-III (Adv) GZBS-1904-1905_04.11.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    9_PT-III (Adv) GZRS-1902, GZR-1913-1917, GZRK-1905-1906_04.11.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    10_PT-VI (Adv) GZRM-1901-1902 & GZR-1908-1909_04.11.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    TEST Date :- 30-10-2017  
    PT-06_GSA-2101, GS-2101 & 2102, GSSK-2101, GSK-2101, GSK-2102 (Sol.) Click Here
    PT-06_GSI-2101 & GSKI-2101 Click Here
    TEST Date :- 15-10-2017  
    PHASE TEST-I (Adv) RB-1810-1812, RBK-1805_15.10.2017 Click Here
    PHASE TEST-I (Main) RB-1810-1812, RBK-1805_15.10.2017 Click Here
    PHASE TEST-II (Main) GZR-1901-1907, GZRK-1901-1902 & GZBS-1901_15.10.2017 Click Here
    PHASE TEST-II (Main) GZRA-1901, GZR-1901(A), GZRS-1901_15.10.2017 Click Here
    PT-II (ADV) RB-1815 & RBS-1803-1804_15.10.2017 Click Here
    PT-III (Main) RB-1813-1814 & RBK-1806_15 Click Here
    PT-V (Main) RB-1801-1805, RBK-1801-1803 Click Here
    PT-V (Main) RBS-1801-1802_15.10.2017 Click Here
    TEST Date :- 07-10-2017  
    PT-III (Adv) GZRM-1903-1904, GZR-1910-1912, GZRK-1903-1904 & GZBS-1902-1903_07.10.2017 Click Here
    PT-IV (Main) RBA, RB-1808-1809 & RBK-1804_07.10.2017 Click Here
    PT-V (Main) CD-1802_07.10.2017_07.10.2017 Click Here
    PT-VI (Adv) CD-1801(A), CD-1801(B), CDK-1801 & CDS-1801_07.10.2017 Click Here
    WT-5 (Main) RBPA_07.10.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    WT-15 (Main) GRA_07.10.2017 (Solution) Click Here
    WT-15 (Main) GRS-1801 & GRKS-1801 [Top 170 Students] (Solution)_07.10.2017 Click Here
    TEST Date :- 25-09-2017  
    01_GSA-2101, GS-2101 & 2102, GSSK-2101, GSK-2101, GSK-2102 (Sol.) Click Here
    02_GSI-2101 & GSKI-2101 (Sol.) Click Here
    TEST Date :- 23-09-2017 and 24-09-2017  
    PHASE TEST-II (Adv) GR, GRK & GRS_24.09.2017 Click Here
    PHASE TEST-II (Adv) GRA_24.09.2017 Click Here
    PHASE TEST-II (Main) GR, GRK & GRS_23.09.2017 Click Here
    PHASE TEST-II (Main) GRA_23.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-I (Main) GZ-1926 & GZK-1909_24.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-II (Adv) RBPA_23.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-IV(A) (Adv) RB-1801-1807 & RBK-1801-1803_23.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-IV(A) (Adv) RBS-1801-1802_23.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-V (Main) GZRM-1901-1902 & GZR-1908-1909_24.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-8 (Main) RBA_23.09.2017 Click Here
    TEST Date :- 16-09-2017  
    PHASE TEST-I (Adv) RBA, RB-1808-1809, RBK-1804_16.09.2017 Click Here
    PHASE TEST-I (Main) RBA, RB-1808-1809, RBK-1804_16.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-I (Main) RB-1815 & RBS-1804_16.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-II (Adv) RB-1813-1814, RBK-1806 & RBS-1803_16.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-III (Main) RB-1810-1812 & RBK-1805_16.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-VI (Main) GZR-1901-1907, GZRK-1901-1902 & GZBS-1901_16.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-VI (Main) GZRA-1901, GZR-1901(A) & GZRS-1901_16.09.2017 Click Here
    RT-I (Adv) GZBS-1904-1905_17.09.2017 Click Here
    RT-I (Adv) GZPA-1901-1902, GZPS-1901-1902, GZ-1922-1925 & GZK-1907-1908_16.09.2017 Click Here
    RT-I (Main) GZBS-1904-1905_16.09.2017 Click Here
    RT-I (Main) GZPA-1901-1902, GZPS-1901-1902, GZ-1922-1925 & GZK-1907-1908_16.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-4 (Main) RBPA_16.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-14 (Adv) GRA, GRS-1801 & GRKS-1801 [Top 170 Students]_16.09.2017 Click Here
    TEST Date :- 09-09-2017  
    PT-IV (Adv) CD-1802_09.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-V (Main) CD-1801 (A), CD-1801 (B), CDK-1801 & CDS-1801_09.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-3 (Adv) RBPA_09.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-3 (Main) GZPS-1901 & 1902_09.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-6 (Main) GZPA-1901-1902_09.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-7 (Adv) RBA_09.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-12 (Main) GZRA-1901, GZR-1901(A) & GZRS-1901_09.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-13 (Main) GRA, GRS-1801 & GRKS-1801 [Top 170 Students]_09.09.2017 Click Here
    TEST Date :- 03-09-2017  
    PHASE TEST-1 (Adv) RB-1804-1806, RBK-1802-1803 & RBS-1801-1802_03.09.2017 Click Here
    PHASE TEST-1 (Main) RB-1804-1806, RBK-1802-1803 & RBS-1801-1802_03.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-I (Main) RBPA_03.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-IV (Adv) GZR-1908-1909, GZRM-1901-1902_03.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-VI (Adv) GR, GRK & GRS_03.09.2017 Click Here
    PT-VI (Adv) GRA_03.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-2 (Adv) GZPS-1901 & 1902_03.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-5 (Adv) GZPA-1901 & 1902_03.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-6 (Main) RBA_03.09.2017 Click Here
    WT-11 (Adv) GZRA-1901, GZR-1901(a) & GZRS-1901_03.09.2017 Click Here
    TEST Date :- 30-07-2017  
    Phase Test-I (Adv) CD-1801(A) & CD-1801(B)_30.07.2017 Click Here
    Phase Test-I (Adv) CDK-1801 & CDS-1801_30.07.2017 Click Here
    Phase Test-I (Main) CD-1801(A) & CD-1801(B)_29.07.2017 Click Here
    Phase Test-I (Main) CDK-1801 & CDS-1801_29.07.2017 Click Here
    PT-I (Main) GZ-1919-1921, GZK-1906_29.07.2017 Click Here
    PT-I (Main) GZBS-1904_29.07.2017 Click Here
    PT-II (Main) CD-1802_29.07.2017 Click Here
    WT-3 (Adv) GZPA-1901-1902_29.07.2017 Click Here
    WT-3 (Main) RBA_29.07.2017 Click Here
    WT-9 (Adv) GZRA-1901-1902_29.07.2017 Click Here
    WT-9 (Adv) GZRS-1901_29.07.2017 Click Here
    WT-10 (Adv) GRA_29.07.2017 Click Here
    WT-10 (Adv) GRS-1801 & GRKS-1801 [top 170 selected students] _29.07.2017 Click Here
    TEST Date :- 22-07-2017  
    PT-I (Main) RB-1810_22.07.2017 Click Here
    PT-II (Main) RB-1806 & RBS-1802_22.07.2017 Click Here
    PT-III (Main) GZ-1911-1913, GZK-1904_22.07.2017 Click Here
    PT-III (Main) GZBS-1902_22.07.2017 Click Here
    PT-IV (Main) GR, GRK & GRS_22.07.2017 Click Here
    PT-IV (Main) GRA_22.07.2017 Click Here
    WT-2 (Adv) RBA_22.07.2017 Click Here
    WT-2 (Main) GZPA-1901-1902_22.07.2017 Click Here
    WT-8 (Main) GZRA-1901-1902_22.07.2017 Click Here
    WT-8 (Main) GZRS-1901_22.07.2017 Click Here


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